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​ما مشاور، طراح و ناظر بر پروژه های فناوری هوشمند هستیم

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In August of 2019, Moj Bartar Andisheh Consulting Engineers Company was founded and started its official activity as a technology provider of digital, informatics and electronic monitoring systems in Iran based on the principles of halal business. After years of experience, now she continues to work as a trusted consultant with the aim of expanding security and intelligent digital monitoring, data transmission infrastructure and evaluating and improving network security.

 Technology, but smart   |   فناوری، اما هوشمند

The need to have a
consulting company in projects
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Consultants in information and communication technology projects increase the efficiency and success of the project and have a very vital role in this field.
Using an expert, committed and experienced consultant company in IT projects can guarantee success and higher productivity in the field of technology.

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